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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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had gathered outside the building for several hours were leaving. >> i would have to make an assumption that these shots were directed exactly at my police officers. >> reporter: investigators say as many as three shots were fired from across the street. one officer was hit in the shoulder. the second was shot in the face. bradley raiford was among those in the crowd. >> butts were really right past my head. it was kind of traumatic, i'm still kind of in shock because of it. >> reporter: both officers were taken to a nearby hospital as backup as neighboring police departments arrived on the scene. protestors gathered outside the department after the ferguson police chief thomas jackson resigned wednesday. his departure is part of a shake-up in city leadership after a scathing report from the department of justice found a pattern of racial bias on the mostly white police force. protestors have been calling for jackson's resignation since unarmed teen michael brown was killed by an officer in august.
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large and often violent protests have taken place since then. >> this is a very, very, very dangerous environment for the officers to work in regarding the amount of gunfire that we have experienced up there. >> reporter: investigators are searching for a suspect in the shooting. now, again, the two officers are in serious condition. neither works for the ferguson police department. one of the them is on the county force, the other on the police department of a neighboring town. back to you. >> don, have we learned about the two officers who were shot anything else you can tell us? >> yeah. right now, their names are not being released but their backgrounds, the first officer is 41 years old and has been on the force for about 14 years. the one shot in the face is 32 and is a seven-year veteran of his force. the good news, though, is that while they are in serious condition, their injuries are not thought to be life- threatening. >> all right. don champion live for us in new york on the situation in
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ferguson. thank you, don. it is 5:01 right now. taking a live look out at san jose. there you go. [ laughter ] >> sometimes you got to look, huh? >> sometimes you have to look. >> football stadium somewhere in there. >> no fog today, though. >> yeah. it's interesting perspective because you have the stadium and then right on top of it tough the mineta international airport. how did that happen, right? isn't there like a couple mile difference in between the two? nice view though, bird's-eye view. clear skies there right now. however, we do have a few clouds that have been gathering around the bay. also a few clouds that have been developing around santa clara valley and also sonoma county to the north. right now, temperatures span from 46 in santa rosa to 54 degrees in san francisco. good morning to concord. 50 degrees there. calm winds. later today northwest winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. otherwise your temperatures from the 60s at the beaches. 70s bayside and peninsula all the way to the low 70s and mid- 70s away from the bay inland
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areas outside number will be 76 degrees in gilroy and check this out. additional warming will take place for your friday. high pressure reinforces over the weekend with near or record warmth but i do have some clouds in there due to the fact that we will have a passing area of low pressure. otherwise, temperatures in the dry weather pattern will continue above average for this time of the year through wednesday. and looking at the road ahead if you going to work and this is a traffic alert, you may want to know about it in san jose. the connector from northbound 280 to southbound guadalupe parkway remains partially closed. it was a stalled truck and then a utility truck hit it and now tow crews are on scene trying to clear the crash site so you may want to find an alternate ramp. bird, for example. main line of the freeway okay 101 from morgan hill, 280 and the guadalupe parkway itself. if you don't have to use any of those connector ramps everything is find. backups in the cash lanes, still deep trying to get into san francisco. for a while it was backed up
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almost to the at the end of the parking loss. metering lights not on yet. everything good across the span. quiet so far across the richmond/san rafael bridge. this morning, a sex discrimination trial continues against a silicon valley venture capital firm. former employee ellen pao is suing kleiner perkins for $16 million. yesterday, a defense attorney asked the judge for a second time to allow discussion of pao's financial motives in court. pao's husband has a hedge fund that's bankrupt. the judge will decide on that today. bay area democrats are opening up their purses and wallets for hillary clinton tonight. a fundraiser for the former secretary of state is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. in san jose tonight. supporters are donating a symbolic $20.16 at south market street. students plan to rally this evening to support catholic high school teachers in the san francisco diocese. at issue are morality clauses
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proposed for the faculty handbook. the clauses call for teachers to abide by the church's stand against things like sex outside of marriage and homosexuality. the diocese oversees four high schools in san mateo, san francisco and marin counties. today's rally is set to begin at 5:30 outside st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. it is 5:05 now. a financially strapped hospital in the east bay has secured a deal to give it some breathing room. a deal approved tuesday by the san pablo city council allows doctors medical center to sell land to a casino for parking. but the west contra costa county healthcare district still has to make a decision soon on whether to shut it down. district officials are holding out hope now for a proposal from an outside investor. a rare act of violence and a mystery in albany. the city has its first homicide there since 2004 and police are trying to determine who did it. a woman named randhir kaur was found dead in her home on
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monday with a single gunshot wound. a neighbor told us she did not know the victim very well and only spoke to her briefly last summer. >> she came out and she say please don't make noise, i'm going to study. because she's a doctor. >> the 37-year-old kaur was a dental school student studying at ucsf. she was expected to graduate next year. police say they have leads but so far no suspects and no motive. pleasanton police have arrested a woman in a robbery. they say the woman in the surveillance photos went to home depot last weekend. she browsed the flowers and allegedly stole a bunch of power tools. police arrested 25-year-old ainsley smith of walnut creek last night. they are still looking for the man driving the getaway car who they say hit a security guard during their getaway. a young mother died in oakland while trying to shield her children from gunfire. now oakland police say they are talking to potential suspects s bullets started flying near 30th and chestnut street monday night when two groups of people
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were fighting. 30-year-old pierce was hit in the back of the head while protecting her children. a neighbor reportedly called police 13 minutes before the shooting saying police should come because someone was about to get hurt. officers arrived after shots had already been fired. in san jose, four new city council members attended a town hall style meeting about police relations in the city. but no one from the police department was invited to last night's meeting. it was held at the sacred heart community services. some in the crowd were concerned about the sjpd's relationship with segments of the community. and one of the new councilmembers is a former sjpd officer. he acknowledged the department needs to do a better job of communicating and building relations with the people it serves. time now is 5:07. state educatedders are changing the way schools are evaluated. what they are suspending from the process. >> easing the morning commute is a goal we can all agree upon
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but coming up, we'll tell you what transportation officials say we need to give up in order to do so. >> and i'm sure highway 4 commuters would love a little ease in their morning drive. unfortunately, the backups the usual backups we see every morning, they have begun approaching hillcrest. we'll have travel times for you coming up. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody! we have full-on sunshine today but clouds move in
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5:11 on this thursday or it is pre-friday! good morning, everyone. taking a look at sfo, we have clear skies there so far no reports of any local airport delays. we're currently in the 40s and 50s out the door going up highs today 60s and 70s. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the days could be numbered for human tolltakers. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us now with more on the plan to ease traffic for commuters. anne. reporter: yeah. this is a good example of why they would want to move to this system. the lanes closest to me here on the bay bridge at the toll plaza are the cash lanes.
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they are moving more slowly. the other side, the fastrak- only lanes. that's where drivers are zooming on through. so transportation officials are just trying to find a quicker way for us all to cross the bridge. the bay area toll authority ordered a $425,000 study on whether to eliminate human tolltakers on all 7 bridges it oversees. supporters of the idea say it would cut costs and ease traffic congestion. the golden gate bridge recently switched to this all-electronic system. most drivers have fastrak and those that don't would have their license plates scanned and get a bill in the mail. >> we're looking very closely at what's happened on the golden gate bridge and what we see is that it seemed like it's been a successful enterprise. >> reporter: an estimated 62% of drivers who cross the local state-owned bridges use fastrak
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the remaining 38% paying with cash. transportation officials say it would cost about 12% less, they think, to switch to an all- electronic system. they say it's not a question of if. it's a question of when. frank and michelle? >> anne, how long is the study expected to take? >> reporter: the study itself, $425,000 study again, would take about a year and they would study everything from the traffic congestion to public opinion on the situation and how much money they may able to save. back to you. >> all right. anne makovec, thank you. that would certainly make your job easier, liz, no backups? >> i know. drivers bay bridge it is brutal every morning. beginning right around 5:45 right around the time they turn those metering lights on it really gets bad. we're going to enjoy the easy breezy commute for now. at 5:13 a lot of the roadwork is clear and the congestion hasn't started yet so this is a great time to head out of your house. you got to get to work on time. all lanes are now open in san
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jose. that earlier traffic alert that's closed the connector ramp is now open. coming into san francisco, we do have a little issue. right there northbound 280 approaching alemany boulevard there is a crash blocking one lane. our sensors are not picking up any delay in the area. you can see 280 and 101 actually moving problem-free. 101 looks good all the way from candlestick into downtown. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll give you a different view. no metering lights yet like i said. earlier we saw good sized delays in some of the cash lanes but those cleared out. and now this is a pretty good time to head into the city because all the overnight roadwork is clear across the span westbound. 4 bottleneck growing. we are seeing our sensors turn from yellow to red. it's okay through concord. traveling through the livermore valley, unfortunately, that slow line of traffic is now continuing from tracy through
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the livermore valley. that is "kcbs traffic." your forecast, here's roberta. >> good morning, everybody. let's take a live look toward mineta international airport where we have no reports of local airport delays there or anywhere. behind there levi's stadium. above nothing but clear skies. a few clouds around the santa rosa area at 46 degrees. partly cloudy in oakland 53. livermore with clear skies in the mid-40s as well the winds are calm. a few clouds are gathering in the santa rosa area this morning as well as now beginning to develop around the santa clara valley and bayside but these will diminish as soon as the sun comes up and we all will have sunny skies, dry weather pattern and warmer conditions through the weekend. this is that fast-moving area of low pressure that breezed through the bay area dumping .12" of rain in milpitas. a few glitches this morning from our goes west 10 satellite
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imagery. we have fog on the north coast. this is that fast moving front and as it moves out high pressure quickly fills in. it's a really strong ridge so our temperatures are going up to 71 degrees in monterey bay. wow! through pebble beach. it's currently 30 degrees lake tahoe. forecast high today of 57. temperatures nine degrees above normal in oakland through alameda into berkeley and el cerrito. right around the low 70s. 73 degrees today in san jose. you will notice through redwood city in the low 70s through stanford. mid-60s pacifica and low 70s in fairfield. i wanted to the block this out. none of us wants to see this. pollen count today. medium to high side. looks like on saturday, almost off the chart at 9.7. we'll all be sneezing and
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wheezing. there is your extended forecast. and we're talking about temperatures, yup, near or record warmth over the weekend especially by saturday. amazing! >> i know. 83. that's incredible. >> i know you're heading to the greater lake tahoe area. the average high temperature this time of the year is 44. but instead 63 to 67 degrees. i know you're jumping into the water and the water temperature at the surface not bad at 68. but once you go in down to 50. >> polar plunge. >> it will be a little breaststroke out the door. we are supposed to ski on saturday. >> they are making the snow. it's cold enough overnight to make it. the endless hours of practice and perfecting every move really paid off for a dance team in san jose. the girls dance their way all the way to a national championship. presentation high school is this week's "cool school." reporter: the gym at presentation high is packed as its 750 students cheer on the school's dance team.
5:18 am
the girls just returned from florida national champions. they placed first in both of their divisions at the contest of champions beating out hundreds of other dancers. >> it was like mind-blowing. we always just look for our coach and we just looked at her and seeing that smile back at us just everything that we work for throughout the year. >> it was a mix between euphoria and just complete shock. i didn't think that my senior year we would be the top in the country but our program has grown so much since my freshman year and it's amazing to watch these new girls and everyone on the team build such a high reputation for our school and for the country. >> reporter: choreographers from across country have helped with their routines. this year's winning dance was a crowd pleaser with a little help from beyonce. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: some of the girls have been dancing since they were just 2. when it came time to pick a high school, presentation was it. >> it's an amazing honor that
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we have such an amazing community of dancers and especially a school that supports that. i think it's super important that girls get the opportunity to dance and experience this artistic form. >> reporter: and here dance is a big commitment. these dancers juggle homework, several practices and endless fundraising to help pay for their trips. but in the end, it's all worth it. >> you want to be an amazing dancer. if you put in the hard work, you put in the hours, you put in the passion behind it, and the emotion, you can be the best dancer you can. >> and these girls work really hard. it's so great that they're national champions now and actually the dance captain, she won a solo performance award. a national award for that, too. >> and they got to go to florida which isn't all that bad. what a neat opportunity for the girls. congratulations. what is cool about your school out there? email your nomination right here to we may come and feature your school on the show. tickets are going on sale today for one of the bay area's
5:20 am
biggest music festivals. the first batch of outside lands ticket sales are available at 10 a.m. you can get a vip ticket for $645 or a three-day eager beaver pass for $285. the concert line-up has not been released yet. festival starts august 7 in golden gate park. 5:20 on this thursday morning. he is going from the big screen to the big leagues. details this morning on comedian will ferrell's brand- new role. coming up. good morning, everybody. ahead, want to see a team sweat? it was the warriors against the 22-win team last night. speaking of up against it boy, season on the line for cal and stanford. they had
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good morning. a live look on northbound 101 it's clear so far in brisbane. a look at your drive time and check of mass transit on this thursday morning drive all coming up. good morning, everybody. warriors and the pistons had a little staring contest. neither one of them blinked last night at oracle. let's look at tim hardaway. yeah, now a pistons assistant. the pistons weren't backing down. drummond first name of andre,
5:24 am
27 points, 22 rebounds, pistons in front late. warriors have to scramble. behind-the-back pass, curry, barbosa buried it. bench scored 39 points last night. warriors woke up with an 18- two-run to finish. thompson with 27. warriors win 105-98. pac-12 cardinal down one to washington ten seconds left roscoe allen no. randall yes. cardinal took the lead. randall's third basket of the night. andrew andrews the spirit was willing but no, no, no. stanford wins 71-69. they got utah later on today. meantime, cal, oh, that band! ha ha! bears against washington state. bears and david kravish baby hook scored a career-high 25 points. bears won 84-59. they draw top seed arizona, a
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tall order, later on today. that's sports at this hour. everybody, have a good one. see you around. okay, vern. thanks. play of the day, college hoops. we got more. conference usa tournament what a finish. final seconds texas san antonio trail florida international by three. roadrunners lewis has three. we're tied up! then the panthers dennis throws up a prayer! backcourt! good! time runs out. florida international wins 57- 54 to move on to the next round of their conference tournament. your play of the day. 5:25. powdered alcohol newly approved but is it safe? why several states are fighting to keep it off store shelves. >> and two secret service agents accused of driving drunk crash into the white ho
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two officers wounded after shots are fired during professes in ferguson, missouri. -- protests in ferguson, missouri. >> big changes may come to a bay area bridge impacting your commute coming up. good morning, everybody. latest computer models suggest there could be rain for the weekend! we'll talk about that. >> and some earlier problems san jose cleared, san francisco all lanes open there, as well. morning drive coming up. good morning. thursday, march 12 is here. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. breaking news in the south bay. a search is going on for two carjacking suspects. kiet do is at the scene where police are looking everywhere
5:30 am
including underground. >> reporter: it is an active scene in sunnyvale. reporter: this is a neighborhood at the corner robin and remington where a couple of dozen police officers have the area surrounded here. a very active scene. i have some video of a couple of dozen officers now searching this particular area. this is just off fremont avenue and highway 85 in the city of sunnyvale. we have chp, sunnyvale pd, santa clara county sheriff's officers and san jose police officers out here looking for a pair of carjacking suspects. last we heard they were somewhere in some kind of ravine. this is all began sometime around midnight today when there was a carjacking incident in san jose. san jose police officers pursued the suspects into the city of sunnyvale where they bailed on foot and we have seen these s.w.a.t. tank out here it was on the move just a short time ago. we're hearing that the command post has moved over to mountain view high school and that is where the search is being focused right now. so a fluid situation developing as we speak. we're going to head over to mountain view high school right now but for now, we're keeping
5:31 am
an eye on this situation where we have an carjacking suspect on the loose. back to you. someone shot two police officers just steps away from the ferguson, missouri police department. andrew spencer reports, both officers were conscious when they were hospitalized. reporter: you can hear the gunfire scatter the crowd in this amateur video uploaded to u-stream. [ gunfire ] >> there was just gunfire and now cops have guns drawn. >> reporter: witnesses say the demonstration outside the ferguson police department was just winding down when it happened. >> we were actually all about to leave and as we were about to pack our cameras up, we hear what we thought were fireworks. >> all of a sudden i heard at least four to five shots rang out. >> reporter: the gunfire struck two police officers. one of them in the shoulder, the other one in the face. paramedics helped load one of the victims on an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. the demonstrations had started as a celebration.
5:32 am
police chief thomas jackson would resign. but the strange relationship between the community and the police department was evident early on. someone had used sidewalk chalk to write among other things, pigs kill yourself on the asphalt outside the police department. before the gunfire tensions had even boiled over amongst the crowd. a scuffle between demonstrators. officers also searched forward at times taking at least two people into custody. several officials have resigned or been fired after a department of justice report found racism in the police department and the municipal court system in ferguson. many in the community worry the changes notably that of the police chief may not be enough. >> we need to deal with the culture issue here to make sure that whoever is coming in behind chief jackson is just not, uhm, a new face and new name on the same type of issues. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer reporting. 5:32. the bay bridge, you can see lights moving along there but you know what's more important?
5:33 am
clear skies. >> yeah. definitely clear skies. i thought were you going to ask me -- i just teased a moment ago there might be rain in the weekend forecast. >> wondering. >> actually we have our latest run on our computer models and one suggests that this area of low pressure that's going to be north of us could sideswipe the north bay by sunday night bringing some light rain showers. nothing as far as accumulation but the sidewalks could get wet and another computer model suggests that the rain could make it into sfo by late sunday night. so we'll keep a watchful eye on that. we have that seven-day forecast coming up. this is live looking out towards sfo. so far no reports of any local airport delays. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we have a few clouds in the san jose area as well as to the north in santa rosa at 45 degrees. now, looking ahead for today at our temperatures nine degree span as far as from our average high to oakland so about 9 degrees above average. 60s at the beaches today. 60s, 70s around the peninsula with the abundance of sunshine. outside number will be 76 degrees to the south in gilroy.
5:34 am
low 70s in san jose through willow glen to the mid-70s east of the bay. northwest breeze five to 15 across the northern portion of the bay area into the 70s and yes, lakeport, 79 degrees. we'll talk about that seven-day forecast, liz, that's still coming up. >> okay. thank you, roberta. and i want to take you out to some problem spots that we had earlier this morning including san francisco. all lanes are now back open. for a while northbound 280 approaching alemany there was an accident. there's still activity on the right-hand shoulder because look at that there's still a bit of a delay on 280 actually in both directions into and out of the city. so you're looking for an option 101 is probably a better one but again all lanes are back open. here's a live look at the bay bridge. the toll plaza, the approach often at 5:34 we see delays in the cash lanes. today is no exception. no metering lights. dry roads. so better ride in san francisco than yesterday. and we'll let you know as soon as they activate those lights because that's when the backups
5:35 am
really begin. here's a live look now at our sensors in the livermore valley. the drive time jumps in the last 10 minutes to that slow category. it's now in the yellow 22 minutes from the altamont pass and 680. and overnight roadwork is still in lanes. technically caltrans says it will be out there until 11 a.m. eastbound 580 approaching north greenville so it is counter- commute no delay. san mateo bridge looks great. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. supporters of hillary clinton are fundraising here in the bay area tonight. they are going to head to south market street in san jose to donate $20.16 a symbol of next year's election 2016. it's going on from 6 to 8 p.m. another event will be held in berkeley next week. a raid at a now closed east bay health clinic a search warrant was carried out yesterday at the berkeley health center. officers with the california department of justice hauling away a number of boxes of documents and computers. investigators believe it was used to commit a felony.
5:36 am
they provided income to poor people. thousands of confidential medical records are still at the location. department of justice won't comment on the ongoing investigation. a rare act of violence and a mystery in albany. the city has its first homicide there since 2004. a woman named randhir kaur was found dead in her home on monday with a single gunshot wound. the 37-year-old kaur was a dental school student studying at ucsf. police have leads but so far no suspects and no motive. four new san jose city council members spoke to the community about police relations but police themselves were uninvited. apparently no one from the police was invited to the event at sacred heart community services. some expressed concerns about the sjpd's relationship with segments of the community in the city. one of the new councilmembers is a former sjpd officer himself. he did acknowledge that the department needs to do a better
5:37 am
job in building relationships with the people it serves. a san francisco father and daughter are fighting for their lives. kpix 5's joe vazquez tells us, they were hurt when flames swept through their home in the middle of the night. reporter: >> very good people, man. i feel bad. >> reporter: he is talking about his best friend, who runs the liquor store downstairs and lives with his family upstairs. 4:30 this morning, the family was likely all asleep when flames erupted in the front room. the family was trapped. >> there was people, you know, screaming and yelling and emotional scene. >> reporter: the fire chief says it was dark, heavy smoke and flames prevented the family from escaping down the stairs. firefighters had to get mother, father and three children quickly out of the building. >> there were two young boys rescued out the ladder down the front window. the younger girl was brought out the front door. and the parents were rescued out the back. >> reporter: firefighters performed cpr on three of the victims. the father and one child were
5:38 am
rushed to san francisco general hospital with what officials describe as life-threatening injuries. the three others mother and two children were also hurt. smoke inhalation. >> they were very nice to me. and i think they were very nice to most people around. i never heard anything bad about them. >> reporter: neighbors know them as a quiet but friendly family from yemen. >> a beautiful family. >> reporter: family members tell me the wife and two of the children are recovering quite well. but the husband and one daughter are still in pretty bad shape. >> i'm glad they're okay because, you know, they're my cousins. they're at the hospital. we gonna go visit them now. and hopefully, you know, keep our fingers crossed they're okay. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> two people sleeping in the family business downstairs also had to be rescued. california schools won't be evaluated using standardized test scores for another year. the state board of education voted yesterday to suspend the accountability system. the reason to give the teachers and the students a little more time to adjust to the test
5:39 am
aligned with "common core" standards. the state superintendent says it wouldn't be fair to evaluate schools on this year's scores because the new more balanced tests are too different to compare to previous years. staff cuts at the irs mean fewer audits now down to 1% of taxpayers but that still means about a million taxpayers. it can happen to you! cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins to us fill us in on the most common audit red flags. so what's biggest boo boo we make that perks up the irs, jill? >> reporter: we seem to forget to report our income. remember, that the irs is receiving copies of all the tax documents that you get so you have to report everything on your return. now, here's something important, as well. if you receive an incorrect 1099 or a w2 you have to talk to the issuer and make sure that a corrected form is refiled with the irs not that hard to do. if you earn money but you didn't receive a tax form, still report that income.
5:40 am
by the way, a large change in your income can also trigger an audit. the irs computers have all your historic data. when we have a change we see the computer light up and finally, being self-employed in and of itself is an audit red flag. the reason is the irs has said that in the past, so many people underreport income and overstate deductions when self- employed. >> what do we need to know about deductions? >> reporter: i know everyone loves to pile them up but remember, if the deductions on your return are disproportionately large compared to your income, that return could get flagged. so just be sure that you have a lot of documentation for all of the deductions. if you are risking taking a home office deduction, remember, whatever you take, it has to be for work only. it's not like you're sitting at your kitchen table checking your email. that doesn't give you a deduction. finally, very few people use
5:41 am
their automobiles 100% for business. if you claim that, it is going to be a turbocharged red flag. >> okay. what else should we know, jill? because we're less than a month -- well, about a month away now i guess. >> reporter: yeah. getting close. well, look, if you are trying to claim a loss on a small business, you really have to be clear that it's a business and not a hobby. and the irs says the difference is a business is entered into and conducted with a reasonable expectation of making a profit. remember, also, if you sold your home last year you probably got a form from the title company. and that will record the proceeds from the sale. even if all those gains were tax-exempt you have to report the information on your return. and finally, i'll tell you the irs does not like it when you mess up on your math. so double and triple check your math. if you get audited it's not the worst thing in the world. it's just a bit of a pain in the you know what. >> been there done that. >> just be prepared, right, jill? thanks for all the tips. jill schlesinger, have a great
5:42 am
day. >> thanks, jill. 5:41. a strange device is catching the eyes of commuters at an east bay bart station. how this tower is designed to keep you safe. >> reporter: we could soon be seeing a drastic change in the morning commute. coming up, why transportation officials say it's not a matter of if, more when. >> thank you, anne. speaking of the commute, a live look at highway 880 in oakland. right now clear sailing for the commuters. we'll check that commute with
5:43 am
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a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where technology would replace remaining tolltakers could affect the traffic we see.
5:45 am
kpix 5's anne makovec is there live to explain why this may happen at all local bridges. >> reporter: traffic backs up this time every weekday. you can see why they might want to change the way they do things right now. the fastrak-only lanes here at the toll plaza are moving more quickly than the cash lanes. that is why they may be moving in that direction for all toll lanes. in a few years stopping at a tollbooth to happened over cash could be a thing of the past. instead it could be all- electronic tolling at all bay area bridges. >> i think it's the way to go. i think it's the way of the future. >> reporter: the bay area toll authority is now studying how much it would save if they got rid of the toll collectors. they believe it would speed up traffic especially during the morning commute hours. >> we're looking very closely at what's happened on the golden gate bridge. and what we see is that it
5:46 am
seemed like it's been a successful enterprise. >> reporter: transportation officials say right now, 62% of the drivers who cross the 7 state-owned bridges use fastrak. the remaining 38% still pay with cash. they say once they transition to all-electronic tolling, those drivers will either have to get a fast track transponder or get a bill in the mail. >> i feel safer with having a tolltakers actually seeing somebody. >> they are taking away our jobs. they are too badly needed! >> reporter: you may know that the golden gate bridge has been doing this since recently and they have accomplished both of the goals, reducing traffic congestion and also saving money. frank and michelle? >> anne, if the all-electronic plan does eventually get approved what's going to become of the workers? >> reporter: there are 214 tolltakers right now. and the district is saying that they would distribute that to
5:47 am
other jobs within some of the bridges and also, um, you know, they have plenty of time -- heads up now that they can find other jobs. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> good for the commuters. not very good for the tolltakers. i think, liz, this might help you? unfortunately it's not a breeze for anyone right now. fastrak or the cash lanes. the metering lights are on for 10 minutes at 5:37. so we have backups beginning now in all lanes beyond the first overcrossing there in the distance to the end of the parking lot. it doesn't take long once they activate the lights. here's a look at the livermore valley. slow now coming off of the tracy area right around that 205/580 interchange to vasco. that's the bulk of the bottleneck right now. that's why the drive time is in the red now. it just jumped from green to yellow to red like that up to almost a half-hour so far out of the altamont pass. and even once you get past vasco it's sluggish kind of
5:48 am
slow and go all the way to the dublin interchange. other bridges, san mateo bridge is a good one now. no big delays. and the approach to the san mateo bridge toll plaza looks clear. in fact it's only a 13-minute drive time between hayward and the peninsula. 880 in oakland also moving at the speed limit this morning. yesterday we had up to 15 different accidents, stalls, incidents, just a little wet weather putting a ding in the morning commute. everything is great including the marin county ride out of san rafael to the golden gate. that's your "kcbs traffic." roberta we'll be putting away those umbrella for a while. there is a very slight chance of rain in the far reaches of the north bay by late sunday night. i'm just putting it out there because one of the latest runs of the computer models suggests that another computer model suggesting rain as far south as sfo where so far we have no
5:49 am
reports of airport delays. partly cloudy skies there right now. a few clouds gathering around the bay. also the santa clara valley. a few clouds now around sonoma, as well. 44 degrees in santa rosa. 594 degrees in san francisco. and low 50s in oakland. here's what we need to know on this thursday. a few clouds but otherwise sunshine today. dry weather and sunny skies. we'll have warming through the weekend. and that does include sunday even though we'll begin to cloud up somewhat. this is the latest satellite- radar and this is that very fast-moving cold front that really swept through the bay area yesterday dropping .12" of rain throughout the milpitas area. i thought i would call on our futurecast. here's your 5 a.m. tomorrow morning within 24 hours. we will call it partly sunny for your friday and also for your saturday with those clouds all associated with an area of low pressure targeting the pacific northwest. but that tail end of that system could dump a little bit of light rain showers in the
5:50 am
far northern portions of the north bay by sunday night. it's cloudy sunday during the day but nevertheless the temperature will still be near 80 degrees. today for your thursday, 71 and 75 throughout the central valley. low 70s monterey bay through pebble beach. and currently it is 30 degrees on the south shore and truckee cold enough to make the snow. 57 degrees as an afternoon high going into the 60s this weekend. we have temperatures into the 60s and low and mid-70s. the winds out of the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. outside number today will be 76. pollen count, yeah, off the charts again especially by saturday. boy, it's been miserable! all right. here's your extended forecast. warmest day this weekend will be on saturday. we'll cloud it up on sunday with that slight chance of rain far north bay. that's just a chance right now. and then we'll continue with the partly cloudy theme through wednesday. numbers well above average. next real chance of rain showers, march 22. >> okay. so we have a while. [ laughter ] >> what else is new?
5:51 am
[ laughter ] >> kind of a fun day down in arizona. actor will ferrell not too bad at throwing out a first pitch. he has some skills. today he reportedly is going to get behind the plate when the giants take on the chicago white sox. part of a charity campaign to raise money for cancer. the comedian is spearheading it for hbo. he wants to play all nine positions while making appearances at five arizona spring training games, also going to visits the a's and mariners and campy camp nar ris former a's shortstop in kansas city did it in 1965 at kansas city played all nine positions for nine innings. game. >> this is will ferrell. [ laughter ] >> hope he can do it. >> a little more comedy maybe thrown into this. should be fun today.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
the secret service is plagued by yet another scandal. allegations have surfaced that two top agents were driving drunk and crashed into a white house fence. it happened last week. investigators say the agents were coming back from a late- night party. officers reportedly want to arrest the agents at the time but the supervisors told them
5:55 am
not to. a device in the parking lot at the north berkeley bart station is catching the eye of commuters. take a look. this is it. some say the 25-foot-tall contraption looks like something out of a transformers movie. bart calls it a mobile observation tower. it's designed to help fight crime. the person inside can see what's going on at the station. while people outside cannot see in. bart says they can tow the tower to different stations depending on the need. the search is on for a man who may have tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl in antioch. the girl said she was walking to school on sycamore drive when a man stopped his car and asked if she wanted a ride. she ran away but the man followed and asked her that same question again. the girl got to antioch high and told a security guard about what happened. suspect car is white or gold and similar to an p.t. cruiser car. powdered alcohol could be coming to a liquor store near you. federal regulators approved the
5:56 am
sale of "palcohol" yesterday. each of the pouches packs a punch of a shot of liquor and is designed to be a mixer. it's up to states to set their own rules for its sale. several states want to ban it because of concerns it's too easy for minors to sneak into events. 5:56. two officers shot just steps away from police head in ferguson, missouri. the very latest on their injuries
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 12. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. nearly 6:00 now. witnesses video captures the chaos when two officers were shot outside the ferguson, missouri police station. [ gunfire and screaming ] >> that attack happened hours after the ferguson police chief
6:00 am
had resigned yesterday. don champion joins us live with more on the shooting that escalated tension between the police an protestors. good morning. >> reporter: indeed, good morning, frank. the two officers who were shot are in serious condition right now. the county police chief says the men were targeted during what had mostly been a peaceful night of protest. officers with their guns drawn stood outside the ferguson police department after the shooting. it happened around midnight as protestors who had gathered outside the building for several hours were leaving. >> i would have to make an assumption that these shots were directed exactly at my police officers. >> reporter: investigators say as many as three shots were fired from across the street. one officer was hit in the shoulder. the second was shot in the face. bradley raiford was among those in the crowd. >> bullets were right past my head. it was kind of traumatic and shocking. >> reporter: both office


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